Running Multiple Commands in screen Windows

15 minutes
  • 5 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

The ability to create, manage, and maintain sessions that have multiple individual commands each running in their own windows is a huge productivity boost for the systems operator who is limited to text-only logins via SSH or even the local console of a Linux system. In this lab, we’ll cover how to create multiple windows in a `screen` session, use the windowlist to perform simple navigation, jump directly to specific windows, and how to name your windows either on creation or afterward using `screen`’s commands. You’ll also query sessions for their windows, use the windowlist as a menu when reattaching to a `screen` session, kill windows, and reorder the windowlist in useful ways, as well as learn how to effectively end or quit your windows and sessions.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Spawn, Display, and Rename Windows

Create windows, query for window information, and either set names on creation or rename windows as needed.

Navigate between Windows

Use the windowlist and basic navigation keys to move among the various windows in your screen sessions.

Jump Directly to Specific Windows

Use more advanced navigation options to scroll through the available windows or jump directly to windows either via their window number or name.

Change the Order of Windows

Use the windowlist and option keys to change the order of windows and their numbers, as well as display windows in various orders that are helpful.

Kill Windows and End the Session

Use the appropriate methods to end windows, query session data, and inject commands into sessions to end them and their windows.

Additional Resources

You're a mid-level system admin being put in charge of a number of systems that don't have the GUI installed, and corporate policy has restricted the number of simultaneous SSH or SCP sessions to one per system admin.

You are very familiar with screen sessions and want to branch out to use multiple windows per session to get a lot more done, including switching rapidly and easily between running programs in the same session for productivity's sake.

With your newfound knowledge and some practice, you'll be effective at managing those new systems you are responsible for!

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